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Friendship Lasts Forever...

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Each trip is operated by the owner Darrell Martin. He has a lifetime of fishing experience and over forty years of off-shore Dory fishing experience in the area. He is an expert in the waters he operates in, and has the experience and knowledge to assure a safe and productive adventure for you and your friends & family.

"Your Captain, 

as our family..."

We are a 100% family owned and operated small business. So, when you are with us, you will feel like you are among your friends and family. We treat all persons equally, regardless of who you are and your background. A lasting friendship counts to us more than anything else...

"We treat you

Darrell Martin is Federal Coastguard certified, licensed and insured.

Our operations are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest portion of the state of Oregon. To be more specific, we are located in the north central part of the Oregon coast known as Pacific City/Cape Kiwanda. We are blessed with beautiful green forested mountains, wonderful rivers and sandy beaches. Cape Kiwanda has breath taking beauty with many things for visitors and families to do. The ocean provides constant fuels for the souls and the sunsets are the work of the master painter.

"Come prepared to satisfy your adrenaline rush...

This area is a very fertile fishing ground that is generally unfished for several months of the year. Conservation is practiced by most of the fleet. Large charter boats generally do not make the trip to these reefs, so they are rich with many species of fish and oceanlife.​

"Immerse yourself in breathtaking views...

DD Sportfishing Dory Fishing Fleet

Our off-shore fishing vessel is a type of a specialized fishing fleet that has been operating at Cape Kiwanda for over a hundred years. The vessel is specifically designed to enter the ocean from the beach and return straight back to the shore when the trip is completed. These boats are called Dories. This allows for a fast trip to fertile fishing grounds within minutes and an experience not available anywhere else in the world. The dory fleet calls Cape Kiwanda home, and it is the only fleet of its kind in the world.

Cape Kiwanda beautiful sunset, Oregon Pacific Northwest

Photo Courtesy: Sandy Weedman

Family owned and operated fishing adventure trips for family and friends.

SportFishing Adventures

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