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Day Dreamer Sportfishing Adventures in Pacific Northwest Oregon Coast

Dream it...

Do it...

Feel The Experience  

Of A Lifetime...

How pink is your salmon? Learn about the various breeds of fishes you can catch throughout the year. Dont be surprised catching may be an octopus...


Increase the love and bonding between your family and friends. Experience a fun and adventure filled group trip with us, something you'll never forget... 

We are 100% family owned and operated & we dont believe in burning a hole in your pocket to let you feel the most wonderful experience...


Day Dreamer Sportfishing Adventures is a family owned and operated small business. I am Darrell Martin, and I will be your Captain for one of the most memorable fun and adventure filled trips that you have ever taken. Come and join us with your friends and family, and allow us to help you

Darrell Martin
P.O. Box 369
Hebo, Oregon 97122


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Family owned and operated fishing adventure trips for family and friends.

SportFishing Adventures

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